Chase will simply acknowledge proposals for new show or stand-alone graphical books

Hound Comics

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Total operates (They do accept penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring trials)

Hound Comics will only distribute creator-owned information. Chase will most definately accept plans for completely new show or stand-alone graphic novels.

Writers: No script-only submissions. Any script or plotline unaccompanied by painting might be unread and disposed of. In the event you a professional expert, please deliver samples of your own published succeed and just might function some thing outside.

Painters: these people accept penciling, inking, lettering, and color samples. Benefits examples would be continued file and may even likely mean connecting additional creators if then when the event comes up.


HUMANOIDS is often all set to read unique stimulating tasks and pleasant unique abilities to the family.

1) In order for them to examine your undertaking as well as likely in another of their unique imprints (Humanoids heritage, immense, being Drawn, H1), make sure you fill in and submit the presentation Sheet doctor and deliver to editorial@humanoids.

2) If you decide toare both novelist and specialist, or if perhaps an Artist has been linked to the visualize, the two require this factors at the same time:

a 1 pinup or cover (med to hello there determination)

a 5-10 finished indoors listings (med to hello quality) in PDF format

If you are a tone Artist, be sure to send a PDF case of your work to editorial@humanoids.

Should you be a Writer and donat bring a designer, donat fear. They usually have your back. Load the Pitch layer whenever theyare interested, theyall construct a creative staff around assembling your shed.

3) generally be your self. Donat make sure to ape someoneas fashion (on paper or artistry). Donat additionally start off with a?i’ve the best presentation for Humanoidsa?. Humanoids offers released lots of comics in many types on their record. Pay attention to sending a good pitch, well-written and delightfully pulled.

4) check their particular collection in order to comprehend their particular different imprints if your wanting to upload your pitch.

5) Try not to send a presentation meant for another publisher (youad see very bad).

Woman Demise Universe

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Dame passing market is definitely selecting brand-new, up and coming artists whenever your information try great, they could give consideration to choosing an individual. Before distributing products to usa, please note the immediate following:

Currently seeking: Pencilers, Inkers, Sequential specialists, incorporate specialists, Colorists, Letterers

Writers : Most people apologize, but we aren’t in search of people at the present time.


If you choose to physically send a graphics submission, don’t send out originals.

Lion Forge Comics

People, Music Artists, Strategies

The Lion Forge, LLC (a?Lion Forgea?) will not regularly recognize unsolicited points, treatment options, strategies, texts, artworks, and other resources. However, Lion Forge from time to time considers brand-new designs, formats, or guidelines from exterior options.

In case you have a concept, process, notion, art a you could potentially submit this sort of resources to Lion Forge, but as long as first you know and accept to the Lion Forge Submission rules and submitting Release settlement.

Please note that in the event that you tend to upload components, deliver a web link to publicly-posted profiles. Any articles over 25 MB won’t be acknowledged and must provided by forwarding the link.

A person wonat often come an instantaneous answer, but the publishers accomplish see exactly what happens with the site.

Red 5 Comics

Pencillers, Inkers, Colorists, Letterers, Completed Work

Your very own distribution incorporate at the very least five (5) webpages of best sequential storytelling artistry, not just sketches or pin-ups. These posts should reveal a capability to use numerous views, technological innovation, experiences, and charactersa which Hindu dating sites range from noiseless discussion to intense motion.

Pencillers: their case should showcase pencils-only, not just inked or decorated webpages. Make sure the scans tend to be of great sufficient quality to plainly visit your efforts.

Inkers: their advice should always be black-and-white and can include a side-by-side review with the first pens.

Colorists: their accounts should always be based around line-art from many specialists look at the skills in several kinds.

Red 5 Comics is obviously ready to accept evaluating good quality creator-owned tasks for publishing. Your team give print-ready pages, and Red 5 Comics looks after advertisements, publishing, circulation and associated interest. The comic try posted plus there is a profit-split. Each and every staff retain full rights towards intellectual property.

Assembling your shed must curently have a complete innovative professionals dedicated and onboard, including an author, penciler, inker, colorist (if tone), and letterer. Red 5 Comics is interested best in work which can be grams, PG or PG-13 in nature. We’ll maybe not accept R-rated proposals. No costumed superhero stories at the present time.

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