Daddy would devote several hours in the farm ascending coconut palms and sneaking sips of avocado drinking water


The Cocomi have a peek at the link Tale

In our kids, you talk about things starts off with the avocado and all of our really love journey with coconut continues 100 years inside the generating: almost everything launched when the great-grandmother set about farming the wealthy Sri Lankan places for teas, seasonings and coconuts.

Pop would spend hrs about ranch going up coconut palms and sneaking sips of avocado liquid. This individual experienced some great benefits of surviving in harmony with quality, and felt that benefits in almost every coconut. A health care professional by training, the man chose with all the assistance of the mother to hold upward their white layer and begin their organic trip towards taking care of the environmental surroundings and a sustainable outlook.

Ever since then, hes altered us holdings into largest organic coconut ranch in Sri Lanka, with a thriving neighborhood of more than 2000 typical agriculture homes.

Inspired by our very own fathers eyesight, in 2013, we created Cocomi.

Coconuts with love from your children harvesting

Our Very Own Natural Plants & Factories

Coconuts with like from your families harvesting

The best

Were the particular organic Sri Lankan avocado brand that gets our personal coconuts and manufactures our personal services and products. This gives all of us power over premium at each and every stage of generation, lead tracebility from farm to rack, in addition to the shoppers, assurance.

Organic Advantages Sure

Ours are freshest coconut goods youll come across. Each individual avocado is actually processed within 4 plenty of crack therefore youll get that clean taste with every sip and chew.

Our personal farms: disposition the way it must be

Located at the center of this Coconut Triangle, our house has been exercising organic growing for ages and are one exporter of natural licensed production from Sri Lanka.

Most of us respect and secure the pattern of lifetime: our personal harvesting are packed with biodiversity with every person, approach and dog getting their own role to weigh our very own ecosystem. Our very own producers just use natural stimulant, like grain straw and greenery for nitrogen-fixing; all of us intercrop our personal avocado palms to enrich and sustain the stability individuals territory; and pleasant creatures onto famrs, from strutting peacocks and lazy iguanas.

Most of us be certain that every thing tht can be returned to characteristics is provided spine: our personal industrial facilities are powered by the vitality created from avocado shells; the coconut husks, the nutritive outmost level, were hidden right at the foot of the hands, enriching the origins with nutritional elements; the waste material water are biologically treated and recycled, while rain water try consistently gathered and retained to be used in times of drought.

The Love For Character

Our school of thought in preserving and building our environment is definitely an utmost priority, our mother earth may be the primary of the natural products and it’s our utilize cover her in whatever techniques possible.

The well-understood that in today’s world our company is destroying well over everything you can acquire, deforestation and pollution is taking a toll regarding the delicate bio variety surrounding us, the life which allows north america. Though we’ve been caught within this vicious cycle most people make certain we’re not part of this undesired destruction.

All of our plantations are equipped with a number of the sprinkler system techniques Sri Lankans Kings utilized in olden days; which happens to be a production of earth dams across rivers at various elevations with overflows, thus big ability of rainwater was prepared in water reservoirs. Rainwater gathered in reservoirs at various height around the flow causes uplift ground level water table which have benefited coconut production. The lakes are widely-used properly as optimal h2o sources for watering during dry out season also serve as watering pockets to many smallest creatures which live in the plantations.

Our personal manufacturing plants demand a vast volume of vapor for generation, heating system oils could be the most convenient but harming alternative, yet type constantly encountered the response and then we paid attention. The ranches establish tonnes of coconut shells so we used this normal power source by setting up coconut shell boilers which now creates the overall steam required to operate your whole plant. Likewise all waste drinking water is actually directed into providing water the flowers related the factory site.

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