It increased the precision of the data displayed on HitBTC and opened better opportunities using API. More than that, the TradingView users now can manage their trades via HitBTC. The team anonymity and the lack of clearness about the headquarters location make some individuals distrust the platform.

The HitBTC exchange complies with international anti-money laundering and KYC regulations. In some cases, this means that HitBTC users must verify their identity and provide proof that they received their assets legally. The exchange can facilitate the blocking of transactions with OTC models from the same account, acting as a bank transfer hitbtc location intermediary in order to avoid counterparty risk. ConfirmationNext, a letter will be sent to the specified email address with a request to confirm the account. The system registers each new user who has entered the email address and password on the official website of the exchange. In 2020, the partnership with TradingView was established.

The Options are not flexible, slowing user experience down. go to Coinbase, Changelly, Tradesatoshi; anywhere but here, Because you will sorry. At first glance, it is easy to see why HitBTC is responsible for some of the largest trading volumes in the crypto exchange industry. Not only does the platform support more than 300 coins and over 800 trading pairs, but fees are highly competitive. However, upon further analysis, we cannot endorse HitBTC as a credible exchange.

hitbtc location

Of course, the higher the level, the higher the trading volume. You can withdraw the last two consent at any time in the future if you want. Registration is a breeze with HitBTC and it literally just took seconds. You need to provide an email and password along with your country of residence and name.

HitBTC has paid to submit their information to our directory. You can see the price of paid submissions by clicking here. For example, if you have created a withdrawal, then you get an update with a transaction hash and committed status after receiving the required number of confirmations. The code in the example allows you to get all of your new deposits, withdrawals and transfers. Fetch trades as in the example above but with small changes. Fetch all trades history for a symbol and keep it updated. Returns a list of Isolated Margin Accounts with details about open positions.

If some of them seem suspicious you can terminate them in one click. The next thing you should do after this is change your password so the bad actor won’t be able to log in one more time. Another security feature is the opportunity to create a whitelist of withdrawal addresses. This move will forbid withdrawals to the addresses that are not included in the list. If the account gets hacked, thieves won’t be able to cash out. Like many other huge exchanges, HitBTC has a problem with the support team response delays.

As such, you should not attempt to use the app until the exchange announces its official launch date. If you don’t, you run the risk of running into security issues.

Knowing when to take your losses takes you a long way, if you’re inexperienced in trading this platform is pretty good, just make sure to learn what tools it has available for you. Since 2019 i had been trying to access my account but cannot. I gave them all the details for 20 times in the last 2 years. Yes, it is possible to use HitBTC without verification. If you do not pass the KYC process you can still send coins to and from the exchange, but the amounts are limited. Users without verification can send up to 1 BTC daily and 5 BTC monthly worth of altcoins out from HitBTC as a withdrawal. Here is the complete list of supported coins on HitBTC.

Transfer Funds

Starter” accounts, you can, of course, deposit cryptocurrency for free, and your daily withdrawal limit is 1 BTC of cryptocurrency per day. FIAT transactions are not available for the starter verification tier. that are into creating bitcoin trading bots, thanks to their API’s, while offering a safe and secure solution for bitcoin and altcoin trading. HitBTC is one of the largest and oldest spot trading markets in the industry with over 800 trading pairs and 500+ spot crypto instruments. This is not a very pleasant novelty for users due to high commission fees within the Bitcoin network, and the exchange is trying to protect itself from losses somehow.

  • Sometimes support agents do repetitive requests in circles.
  • The convenience is maintained by the opportunity to access platforms via mobile apps.
  • That’s quite a usual practice among the top liquidity exchanges.
  • In 2017 and 2018, many users have complained of slow HitBTC support response times, and some users also experienced issues with fund withdrawals.
  • The platform lists hundreds of supported coins, and its fees are highly competitive.
  • Cancels all active margin orders, or all active margin orders for the specified symbol.

This option especially can benefit the high-volume traders as the market fluctuations can seriously crop the profits in short periods of time. OTC trading provides an environment for stable prices independent from the trends. The counterparts agree on the price between each other, no matter what the market prices are at that moment. Apart from fees, the exchange is not mediating the deal. Despite these red flags, my personal experience with HitBTC remains positive – the exchange does its job, even though high withdrawal fees weren’t a pleasant experience. Many users online seem to complain about forced know your customer checks when withdrawing funds, so a good practice would be verifying your account before starting to trade on HitBTC.

Get Active Margin Order

HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange established in late 2013 which is famous for its wide variety of coin listings and advanced trading features. In this post I will review the company, its services and share some of my personal experience with them. Ultimately, we feel much more comfortable depositing funds with a cryptocurrency exchange that is heavily regulated. The likes of Coinbase hold licenses with both the FCA and CySEC . There is no reason why HitBTC should not hold a regulatory license, especially when one considers that the exchange has been operational since 2013. Ultimately, you should spend some time assessing whether you feel comfortable depositing your hard earned money with a platform that has no regard for regulation.

It seems to be the safest exchange of all I’ve used before. Doing KYC before you get asked is also probably a good idea, that way you don’t get Cryptocurrency wallet delayed to trading . Haven’t used the regular site for a couple of years so I can’t comment on that, but API trading there is very stable.

hitbtc location

In the cases, when each message takes a long time to be answered the withdrawals get delayed as they require the KYC completion. InstrumentsIn the same chart, select the currency that you want to trade – look for it in the list . As soon as you click on both currencies, the page automatically refreshes and displays information on the selected pair. To do this, select the main currency to which we will trade .

Retrieve All Margin

Although it is not mentioned on the HitBTC’s website, there is information that the exchange has offices in London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Malta, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago. The location of the HitBTC headquarters isn’t totally clear. There are several countries associated with the exchange. For instance, according to the exchange website, Hit Tech Solutions Development Ltd, a company responsible for the Privacy Policy questions, is registered in Seychelles. Any jurisdictional issues concerning HitBTC are solved in Seychelles. The About Us section doesn’t provide any mention of team members or the headquarters location. We can learn that the data center is located in London while the representative office can be found in Chile.

hitbtc location

Hitbtc is a good exchange for beginners… Very simple interface, and no problems with exchange at all. I started exactly with Hitbtc (although I’m still trading here as well). Suspension period straight after all changes on account – new address in the whitelist, changing password, etc. Sometimes it makes me annoying, but still, it says that these guys know what to do in order to protect the account. Only an experienced trader can appreciate all the pros and cons of an exchange.

How Fast Is The Verification With Hitbtc Com?

Due to this, the exchange is no longer suitable for people with small Bitcoin deposits and young businesses. It is enough to estimate that the commission for the transfer of $100 BTC will be about $28 to understand that the operation seems doubtfully profitable. We strongly recommend that our new customers use API version 2.0 to get the best trading experience. We also recommend that our current traders switch to the newest version 2.0.

KBC or karatgold coin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be used as digital gold, a secure and value stable medium of payment. It was introduced in 2018 to HitBTC following an ICO campaign which has gathered over 100 million USD funding however it was subsequently delisted in 2019 due to controversy of the project. Before trading KBC coin, make sure you read the warnings issued by the financial regulator of FSCA and Bafin about KBC. HitBTC urges you to set up a 2-step verification process for all users through the commonly used Google Authenticator and other popular 2FA authenticator applications. This security feature is used for all logins and withdrawals. You are prompted to turn on 2FA right after sign up and every time you reload a screen until you have managed to secure your account. It might seem an annoying feature first, but it is just real in place to protect users from scams and thefts.


After a while, users successfully complete KYC procedures and withdraw their money. When doing withdrawals from HitBTC, the account holders are charged fees.

We ensure that our traders get the best pricing on the market. We believe in a future with digital economies and a self-sustainable internet at its core; and for many years, we have been actively creating the vital infrastructure needed for this future. Over this time, we’ve created both a product that can support millions of users and the technology to power it.

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