The One Cask. Extraordinary whiskies bottled one cask at any given time

Original cask power whisky

bottled one cask at any given time

The cooperation with

Liquid of Lifetime Film

Our very own solitary cask whisky

Linkwood 8 year-old whisky (cask 304196)

Dailuaine 12 year old whisky (cask 301313)

Glentauchers 22 yr old whisky (cask 7841)

Regal Brackla 11 year old whisky (cask 310864)

Benrinnes 10 year old spdate dating whisky (cask 302110)

Caol Ila 11 year-old whisky (Christmas specialized)

Strathmill 12 year-old whisky (cask 801545)

Craigellachie 10 year-old whisky (cask 301035)

One cask at the same time

What we should carry out

The solitary Cask bottles distinctive spirits people cask at one time. We query difficult to get exceptional single malt whisky, Irish whiskey, and American bourbon. We love to acquire great examples of just what typifies some distillery’s traits, or just what showcases a certain maturation technique; in quick: if it is tasty, we desire one contain it.

We next bottle all of our award-winning whiskies at natural cask power, low chill filtered, and no artificial colours. This keeps the whiskey as pure and natural possible – just as we found it in cask, in a few silent, dark colored, warehouse. All of our glass bottles include themed like a decanter, made to feel passed away around a team of family as they take pleasure in revealing a dram with each other.

We’re passionate about what we should do because we think best whisky should be exposed, liked and discussed; perhaps not kept to collect dust on a shelf. And, we are here to obtain these single cask secretes into whisky-lovers’ arms.

Very please: find something you would like, sit with family and friends, and enjoy.

What’s a completely independent bottler?

Individual of course

A completely independent bottlers finds whisky from a variety of distilleries and containers they under their own tag. They’re able to choose whatever they including, and bottle they they also fancy; they don’t really must conform to exact same constaints some larger brand names have to. And thats us, The one Cask tend to be an impartial bottler that buy and package the greatest whisky we could discover, under our very own label, maintaining the fluid absolute and natural.

What’s a single cask whisky?

one cask each time

More whiskies are produced by combining numerous casks collectively. If its a “solitary malt”, that means the casks originate from the exact same distillery; it may be three, 30, or 300 casks mixed with each other. If its a “blended whisky”, that means that the casks originate from two or more various distilleries – again, all blended along. But we best bottle “single cask whisky” this means we carefully review all offered casks, get the best, and just bottle that cask. Their unique, and entirely unique; once their eliminated, their missing forever.

What does cask strength hateful?

Whisky your way

Head into the grocery store and you’ll read numerous whiskies about rack at 40percent ABV (indicating 40percent alcohol by volume). Many times some at different speciality, maybe 43% or 46percent. Exactly what could be is the fact that brand name keeps added liquids to cut back the power. We do not create liquids to the solitary cask secretes. That implies the whisky is the same energy that we found it inside cask; you then has a selection on whether or not to relish it at this power, or create yours customized amount of drinking water.

How much does normal color indicate?

Sheer and all-natural

“if you ask me up to now The Single Cask are selling both design and substance, and I posses loved talking for the males concerning the providers. Keep an eye out with their bottlings and give all of them an attempt if an individual requires your nice!”

“The individual Cask try to guarantee that any individual on the planet has the capacity to discover a great bottling from their favorite distillery; something that takes all of them by wonder and means they are see that whisky in a new light.”

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