Tinder Advertising Research Study: Just How Tinder Collaborates With Leading Meme Influencers On Instagram

Since opening in 2012, Tinder has grown becoming among the many world’s preferred cellular relationship programs. In line with the organization’s websites, Tinder has produced over 20 billion matches altogether. Also, across 196 nations, customers swipe 1.6 billion era every day and arrange one million dates each week. People looking for prefer or even to casually go out, Tinder makes it easier than ever for singles to meet up each other on line.

Like many different mobile apps , Tinder have integrated influencer advertising and marketing into its large advertising strategy to increase brand awareness and bring in new users. In this situation research, we’ll read how Tinder partnered with social media influencers to market the publish of the newer responses feature.

Tinder Industries Their Brand-new Responses Feature

On Oct 4, 2017 Tinder established the release of the Reactions showcase. Reactions gives users access to a selection of animations that they’ll submit Tinder discussions. The animated graphics integrate a full-screen image of a martini becoming thrown, a moving center emoji, and more.

With the release of Reactions, Tinder furthermore launched the latest Menprovement effort, a comedic video clip series that movie stars actual Tinder staff members. The video clip show emphasizes that women often come across unsuitable and overly impending boys throughout the application, and positions Reactions as a feature that will help them manage such interactions.

The video clip collection also features Whitney Cummings , a well known United states comedian, exactly who plays the part of a “douchebag expert” improving the Tinder teams establish the best man. Cummings provided the video on Instagram to the woman market of nearly 500,000 fans, assisting Tinder expand the get to for the promotion.

The Menprovement effort promoting responses provided six movies submitted on the recognized Tinder YouTube and Twitter pages. Six Menprovement graphics happened to be additionally shared on Tinder’s official Instagram webpage beginning on October 4, 2017.

Tinder Lovers Instagram Influencers & Meme Designers

Besides partnering with Whitney Cummings, Tinder leveraged six further Instagram influencers promoting the Menprovement effort and afterwards the Reactions showcase. All influencers included comprise meme profile, and five out of the six had been macro-influencers with more than 100,000 followers. A maximum of 39 sponsored articles were provided because of the six influencers.

Influencers Involved:

The influencers published two types of Instagram contents in partnership with Tinder: (1) Menprovement clips or photos that have been produced by Tinder and (2) earliest memes targeting the subject of Tinder. Within a 3rd from the paid articles the Instagrammers provided a Tinder produced artwork or movie. The residual sponsored stuff had been memes that have been either developed or uncovered by influencers.

All except one of this memes explicitly included the Tinder manufacturer. The brand name hashtag #menprovement was applied for most from the sponsored Tinder articles.

To date the Instagram influencer marketing campaign has produced over one million loves, 21,000 commentary, and the average involvement price of 2.6percent.


Lengthy isle built meme curator and originator Pet dating app free George Resch, began the container.Sinatra Instagram meme membership last year . Resch posted four sponsored posts in venture with Tinder. The best performing of this four got over 44,000 likes and 1,200 comments.

The blog post pertains a world from the motion picture nationwide prize with the lengths Tinder users visit to be able to inspire each other, efficiently capitalizing on a favorite movie. Impressively, the blog post produced an engagement rate of 7.2%, greater than any of the more sponsored Tinder stuff we examined.

Reid Hailey for the common Instagram meme profile Shitheadsteve , blogs hilarious memes attracting millennial users. The influencer printed 16 blogs in partnership with Tinder.

Hailey’s finest carrying out blog post created over 39,900 likes and 1,500 remarks for an engagement rate of 5.4%. Through meme, Hailey brings the entertaining form of articles their readers was familiar with while concurrently elevating awareness for Tinder.

Lee Ayers from the meme accounts Friendofbae , produces memes that cover many topics and motifs.

Together with Tinder, Ayers released eight paid content. The best performing blog post obtained over 8,500 loves and 187 opinions for an engagement rates of 3.4per cent.

The meme smartly takes a range from the popular NBC program work and throws they relating to Tinder. Additionally, the Tinder manufacturer clearly looks into the meme and is marked within the post’s caption.

Riley Beek operates the Instagram meme membership B.itch and curates memes that appeal to millennial readers. She on a regular basis references shows from the 1990s, including Spongebob and Arthur, which happen to be probably common to the lady market. In venture with Tinder, Beek published five posts.

Among Beek’s articles was actually a video through the Tinder Menprovement show, which garnered over 19,700 likes and 150 feedback. Among the Menprovement video clips shared of the meme influencers it actually was one of several finest performing. However, the post was given an engagement price of 0.7%, substantially lower than all memes posted together with Tinder.

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